GyroPod Adv. Help!

hello i downloaded SpaceBuild 3 a while ago and want to use the advanced Gyropod to make ships,But that’s not quite the problem, you see when i spawn the Adv.GyroPod Controller, and attempt to link it to a Seat, i wont link, i press the RMB once ( on the controller ) and then once ( more on the Seat ) ,but when i press it the second time, it comes up with a lua Error…

So if there is a fix or something floating around that i could use, please tell me


set ur tool as the “adv gyro tool” then right click the adv gyro and then right click the vehicle. This links them. Also u have to set values like 0.3 to all the mults e.g. “ThrusterMult” etc… and activate it with value 1 and etc with moving directions.

That’s not entirely correct mark.

You spawn the advanced gyropod, and weld it to your ship/vehicle with the front of the gyropod facing the same way as your vehicle. The gyropod’s default model(the little probe/drone)'s spikes point up and backwards.
Then you wire up the Gyropod’s functions (move, yaw, etc.) to the wire inputs of your choice, most likely an advanced pod controller.

That is the method I use, and it works well for me.