H.E.V Blue sleeves

I noticed a while back when I was able to play Garry’s Mod 13 is that the H.E.V sleeves were changed to blue instead of the original orange. Also the grenades are a colored blue as well. Is this a work in progress feature where you can color your H.E.V sleeves and some weapons? This makes things more difficult to replace some things with sleeve skins on GameBanana because of the new textures. Any idea how to find the file or suggestions?

Yes. Ypu can change your color.

They were supposed to be colourable, but I don’t know what happened.

They don’t color currently, so they use the default blue color

I see, but is there a file where you can replace the blue sleeves with a different skin?

It is not possible to replace (supposedly) colourable skins at the moment.

I noticed some SWeps sometimes have the orange sleeves, so the blue sleeves are actually a different skin for customizable player colors.

The VMF says it uses the same colour system as the physgun, and the VTF replaces the orange with white, which then defaults to blue in game.