H.E.V. Mark V in Infested Waters


fact: enhanced normal maps and ridiculous amounts of phong make everything better.

They certainly make your stuff shiny.

Is the heat distortion made from the morph tool or was it some photoshop-magic-mumbo-jumbo?

EDIT: which photoshop do you use? It better not be the over-priced 100$ ones

Oh yah, and nice zoom blur, and oh there’s a few random lines in between his legs.


I’d use the morph tool but it creates terrible artifacts


uhh i think it was the ripple filter. I can’t remember, tbh.

looks good, nice job

I like your pictures.

I use CS2.

The lines were actually created from the in-game splash effects. They create a white line on the border of the water and I’m too lazy to fix it.

Clipping on the hand with the gun. The lens flair is kind of annoying. (If that IS what I see in there.) The leg texture (Near the crouch) is stretched out.

Pretty good picture.

what do you expect me to do with the stretched texture? oh – right, because I’m God and everything I’m obligated to fix every miniscule and meaningless problem

sorry, guy, I know I can fix it with displacement maps but it’s hardly that big of a deal


although that’s my own fault because I could have moved the leg so it wouldn’t be stretched in the first place

Sorry. Just pointing it out I guess. I mean, it’s POSSIBLE to fix it. Not saying I could.

Picture looks pretty good. Is that an in-game muzzleflash you used?

I took a picture of a Combine shooting at me in a dark room and screened it + distorted and warped it with the transform tool to fit the image appropriately.


obviously this includes creating a separate, empty layer with a light blue brush that is later gaussian blurred and its blend mode set to overlay so the area surrounding the muzzleflash is blue

No negative comments here.

Man the phong is quite strong. How long did it take you do it on HEV and zombies?

The zombies are using the default normal and specular maps

the phong creation for the HEV suit took maybe twenty minutes, tops. It just uses the normal maps as a base, which had to be remade to make the model overall appear much more gritty and sharp.

Damn, it looks so awesome, I love the phong on the H.E.V. Suit.
But the front zombie look rather blocky, not your fault tho, it’s just lazy ass VALVe.

Awwww hes holding hands with Lamar <3

it’s a fast headcrab aka Lumar

i see 2 npcs u fucken terrorist

I see no DL link.

Left leg is really streached