h(G)'s Garrysmod and Team Fortress 2 Server(s).

Hello!, I am Mal, or known as Fata on the forum here on facepunch, I would like you tell you about our 2 servers that we need more members for. There are also always admins being needed, Just don’t ask, you get what you deserve.

Our Garry’s Mod server runs DarkRP (This very well might change) on the map rp_downtown_v1942
-Custom Jobs
-Friendly Admins


Our Team Fortress 2 Server is a 30 slot multiple game mode server I.E. Arena, Payload, CTF, Stuff of that matter.
-Friendly Admins
-Admins are in much need on this server


I hope to see you on and have some fun!
Feel free to contact me through steam by adding Thomashoffman
Both of these servers are bought from www.xenonservers.com.

Why do you say rp_downtown_v1942 when the server is running rp_evocity_v2d? O.o

Well, as a fact some of the admins change it to evocity, (Which i personally hate). I’ll have to tell them to leave it at the rp_downtown_v1942 and not touch it.

Used to co-own. Fun servers.

Well, as you know. Through steam you are now back to a lower rank, But still pretty high because i trust you, Welcome back Server Manager.

Quite nice actually

Thank you Ryan.

Your avatar looks insane

Mine or Fata?

fata. Yours is just childish.

So its just an avatar?

So I think its childish. Why don’t you accept my opinion and get on with your life.