H&k g11

can someone make a G11 already please -_- be sure to include the lower powered scope on it also, other wise it’s shit.

This shows me that you probably wouldnt know about the G11 if it wasnt for cod.

its called a glock, and scopes are mostly pointless for pistols

silly me, G11 is a rifle. shoot me

He’s talking about the Heckler & Koch G11, the one that fires caseless ammunition


That doesn’t seem like a pistol to me.

silly me, i forgot the name of a marksmen’s rifle

but then again i havent touched the game in a while

by the way the G11 seems to fire staples, unique clip, also wheres the barrel?

I modeled one some time ago. Still haven’t finished unwrapping it though.


All of the weapons in MW2 are so fucking inconsistent and inaccurate that they make me rage.

That looks lovely.

I heard about the G11 after reading Matthew Reilly’s “Temple” which had a bunch of German Commando type people using them.

I got so hot for this gun.

Ah, the secret weapon in Syphon Filter 2 lvl 1, you got it by (instead of straight on landing) flying with the parachute to the small ridge. Last time I did that was maybe ten years ago.

Barrel can’t be seen from side and it fires special caseless ammunition. If I remember correctly H&K made it as a ACR candidate.

I saw this gun in Peace Walker.

A nice all-rounder weapon.

In real life, it never saw real use in the field, it was an ACR competitor (actaully referred to as the G11 ACR) and only around 1000 were produced. It used a different chambering than the U.S.'s grooves in the barrel, and had a rotary “Bolt” that removed jammed shells by rotating the “bolt” until a shell came out an emegency chamber.The only real downside was it’s caseless function, which made jamming more often than regular cartridges.
The U.S. is considering manufacturing the LMG11 (G11 LMG) for the U.S. army
love to see this.

That is an absolutely lovely model

Thanks guys X3

Anyone’s who’s capable of doing it, I managed to find the model from BO.
Here it is.(I don’t recall finding textures, but it’s mostly gray anyway).
It’s not as good as Ilwrath’s one, but it’s something.