H&K G36c

I finally made a Facepunch account like everyone told me to for some reason.

Anyways, Here’s the H&K G36c swep:

It’s got:
Shell ejection,
Custom reload/draw sounds,
Spawn icon,
Sexy animations.

So, I guess enjoy! I couldn’t find any bugs other than it conflicting with the materials of my other G36c swep.
If you’re really concerned, I put the credits for the models etc. in the lua. You should see it when you scroll over the icon.


Tell me if you guys like my stuff, I might make this a regular thing. :keke:

Does it have a world model?

No. I don’t see a point since SWEP.Holdtype was broken.

Tobba made a somewhat buggy fix for that.

Yea, it works you should try it Lorus.

Holdtype isnt broken, make it shared

That fix takes 5 minutes at the most.
and just from the pic, the Viewmodel is too far out.

Downloaded it:

No base
Cone is too big
Delay is off
No W model

Facepunch is clearly not for me, I will stick to Garrysmod.org where people actually know about the things that I make.

With that said, you sir are now on the list of people that I will try to avoid.

Good day.

Also you should have done your research before assuming that I just made up a base in the lua.

oh lord
what have entry level lua scripters come to
can’t even take simple advice/critique…

Good looking G36.

Edited: Sorry that I can’t comment on the page. Either Furry Atom did that, or it was garry.

So you can’t take any advice, hence your SWEPS and whatever copy/paste coding sucks.

And you couldn’t make up a base, fixing the holdtypes is the easiest thing you could possibly do, and probably what you did was modify a madcows base to fit your needs.

Then again, he never included a base so I have no idea except from the pic…

Video please.

I second this. if SWEP.HoldType = shared then function YOU:Win(Mightylolrus).

Also, I doubt that Lolrus even knows how to add in hl2 bones for his CS:S w_models. People on garrysmod.org are “praise everything in the world, and not care if it sucks”.

Nope, he dosen’t even include broken W_Models…