h3lmo's world an [ORYG1NAL GAMERS] Community (PVP, Sleepers, Fall Damage)

Hi guys, my name is ORYG1N, I run a youtubechannel with 13k+ subscribers and I’ve created a new server for everyone to join in on the killing / surviving! It is a “Vanilla” rust server, meaning no mods like door sharing and things like that. I want to play Rust how the developers intended. Whenever there is a new patch, the server will be updated to it.

SERVER NAME: h3lmo’s world an [ORYG1NAL GAMERS] Community
**KEY FEATURES: ** Absolutely NO admin abuse, Competitions, Scheduled Wipes to reduce lag and freshen competition, Vanilla Rust (Play how the dev’s intended), PVP Combat, Sleepers, Fall Damage and more.

This is a PVP server with Fall damage. We also plan on wiping the server every 3 weeks or whenever it gets laggy. (Time frame may change depending on activity.) At the end of every wipe there will be a competition where the winner will get a starter kit after the wipe. The competition will be different each time. Sometimes it will be PVP. Other times it will be obstacle courses.

If you are looking for a new home, come join our server. But bring your friends, competition will be fierce!