[H3RO] Gaming PVE, PVP, Sleep on, Decay off..new player welcome

[H3RO] Gaming server is looking for more dedicated players to join our server. Server is now 4 days old with a starting base of about 15 regulars.


Free public Teamspeak server with room for squads etc…

*Server is based on PVE, PVP . It is “not” based on base destroying.

“We believe people should feel “somewhat” safe in their house. Obviously that’s up to the builder to secure that. We still have grenades on the server so with a little effort its still possible to raid bases”.

*All new players welcome to join us. Friendly helpful group to answer all your starting questions.
*Decay turned off. (If the server gets crowded and we see the abandoned bases as an issue we will turn it on again.
*C4 is not on the server.
*Airdrops being added to server tomorrow. (Minus C4).
*Currently 15 mins night and 1½ hrs daytime.

[H3RO] are:

  • A mature European group with a focus on enjoying Rust in a “casual” PvP | PVE environment.
  • Family men and women with jobs, kids, husbands and wives who understand the real priorities in life.
  • Experienced veterans of far too many FPS, RTS, RPS and MMO games to name.
  • Fond of few drinks and shameful banter on Teamspeak.

We are not:

  • Hardcore PvPers
  • A pseudo military organization with ranks, officers, politics and little napoleons.
  • Tolerant of whiny self obsessed ‘Johnny Gamespy’ types.
  • In need your first borns soul and undying loyalty to join us.

Hoping to see more players join us.



Server also has door sharing, sleep on, death messages, kill and death stats.

Airdrops added today… (Still no exsplosives)

Admins are on a public TS and fo NOT favour anyone…


Is the server Looking for admins?. Just wondering since i want to be part of a project lel

Edit: Tonight im back on my pc, hopefully i will get online to check it out

Hiya my friend and I have been playing on this server for about a week but it’s been down for a day or so now. If anybody knows, is this server still going to be active or has the plug been pulled, hamster sacrificed etc?

edit post message and it comes back up lol