[H4X] Awesome Roleplay

(THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL POST. I got perma’d so I’m clearing the advertizement. Thanks.) Read my last post to see why and who banned me. :frowning:

:stuck_out_tongue: Cool.

Usually, calling a community/server something with “awesome” rarely gets a good outcome.

You made the description better, good. I’ll stop by later and try not to troll.

Like the script, the admins not so much.

I just disconnect from this server. It started out fun but I was prop killed to many times. I just can’t take any RP server seriously now…


I’m not trying to bash it or anything, it would be a great server if the owner can sort out the bad players/admins from the good.

Actually im intrigued Ill try it out.

Thanks for all the replies guys. I like this server very much.
I’m doing this to get Super-admin too and that this server is one of my favs. ^^

Beware! Kunist is a mingey griefer!

You’re just mad because we blew up your money printer.

No, I’m just mad because he is a griefer.

Right, think what you want. You still rage quit when Cake killed you, Haha.

Why do people make SWAT TERRORIST jobs? They just make rdming as a job itself.
Why do i never see servers with the food mod on? It distracts the player of the weapon/killing need and its quite peaceful.

I quit because I was tired, for me it was 1 in the morning, and I wanted to go to sleep. Think what you want.

Ok ok ok. Just get along please. I dont want any fighting on the server.
Anyways, How do you guys like the server?


Lol. This fight is funny. :lol:

Hello, im the owner of the server. Yea My little cousin managed to come over to my house while i was away and “>:C” on my server… so if you had problems they shouldn’t happen again.

SWAT Terrorist Job? What is that? Ok, If you see any “SWAT Terrorist” Jobs, You can demote them.

Any Jobs at all should be removed.

What?..um that doesn’t make any sense? :sigh:


lol i just wanted to see your reactionz :smiley:


We are going to watch him for that. Please message me or h4x3r is he gets too mingy.
Please have some proof like a picture or something… :stuck_out_tongue:


eh…It’s right though. It is an awesome server. :3:


Yeah. H4X3R is kinda prop killin’ happy. :smug:
I’m trying to make him know that’s whats keepin his population down.


Ok, Due to the fact that I was E2 happy, E2 is now SA only now. :expressionless:
That is annoying me as I LOVE e2. It’s my favorite tool. :crying:
I MISS IT. :frowning: