-HA- Serious DarkRp | Custom Jobs | FastDl |

This is a new 30 DarkRp server. It is only an few days old and I(owner) am trying to get more players. The server map is City_18. We have custom jobs and privileges. All the admins are cool and not douches. Come check us out.


Steam Group Page - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HostellAssassins

My steam name -HA-O. Caution

[sarcasm]Yay more god damned darkrp servers.[/sarcasm]
Seriously now, this is not serious roleplaying at all.

Stop calling your shitty DarkRP edits serious.

YAY Two more people who spend there days masturbating and talking shit over a screen YAY

Yeah but seriously. We don’t want to hear about shitty DarkRP anymore. We really don’t want to hear about the 10-year old infested crappy gamemode that ruined the RP community. Your RP server is no different than the 10000 other ones and will get no donations and will be down within two months.

is there something wrong with that

[ironic]WOW!, there no other darkrp servers like this out there![/ironic]

Yes its called getting laid

does your darkrp server get you laid

the fortex hotel rp server isn’t really that bad.


I’m tired of you people constantly saying “DARKRP ISN’T SERIOUS YOU SUCK AT LIFE FOR USING IT”. Sure, I agree with you on that there are too many DarkRP edits out there, but it’s not the RP script that makes the roleplay good or bad, it’s the rpers.
Depending on what the rpers and server owner do with the server, there are actually some good DarkRP servers out there.

You can always make DarkRP serious. Remove most of the jobs and weapons.

Please post more information, Like what the jobs? Anything you added that will make it cool?

I need to know these things!

You should write in your title “Serious Deathmatching”. Seriously guys try to make anything else than DarkRP… There are alot of gamemodes out there that are cool and very easy to modify A.K.A Cider…