HAALP!, rust grey facepunch logo cant fix it

Hi, some days ago i installed Rust on my W7 64-bit PC but when i went to run it, i had this grey facepunch symbol error that everyone has and i didnt run, so like i always do when i have game errors i went to google… soon i found a video that showed that installing vcredist x86 fixed it, so happy because i thought it was going to be fixed, i installed it and and ran the game again, but not like others who had this problem and with this they fixed it, mine is still the same… ive tried compatibility mode,tried all the resolutions and settings, installed all the vcredist, putting the vcredist.exe in the game folder but still nothing, i installed the game too on my W7 32-bit notebook and had the same problem but when i installed vcredist x86 it got fixed. But sadly my pc seems to have no cure, the logo stays forever,and it doesnt go away with all the updates neither ,Please help, im desperate to play this on my PC,

thanks for the help guys…

Double post op.

vcredist runs automatically the first time you install the game from steam… there should never be a reason to run it manually. As for the game not loading, did you have steam verify your game cache.

You are most likely just impatient. The logo stays there for about 2 minutes when I launch the game on my laptop.

On my new desktop it’s about 5 seconds.

I only had a problem while closing Rust. It will sometimes freeze after I click “Exit” in the menu. Only CTRL+ALT+DEL will solve this problem. Even pressing the “windows key” or ALT+TAB combo won’t help.

Post your specs

Install this:


This might help.