HAAX!!! Swep.

The HAAX!!! Swep.

[release] Current version is v1.2 [/release]




Video (old):


NEW V1.2!!!



Added Secondary attack (its a secret, but use this attack on NPC or player)
Added monitor random spinning
Changed view model to “Css finger”
Fixed some timer errors

New video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqUp7pdjOnI





Old version



Kwigg - for the original swep
NECROSSIN (its me) - updating.



New impact sound
Increased monitor weight
Increased monitor damage
Monitor auto-removing in 10 seconds
Random monitor angle at start of throwing


Changes (old):
Added Slow-Mo
Added icon for swep selection
Added Primary attack delay
Fixed some bugs
Changed rpg view model to hands.
Changed to the “Grenade” Swep.holdtype



Ah, ive been looking for this kind of swep, sex.

Thanks :smiley:

One request, give it some kind of music like in the Gmod Idiot Box when he noclipped out of the elevator, something like that.

friggin sweet is the slomo disableable by chance slomo is a bit freaky for me.

Oh. My. God. No way!!! I was talking to my friend the other day and said “Damn, I wish I knew lua, I’d make that -HAAAAAX- thing a SWEP!” Talk about awesome!


Oh, and btw, bmar, if you don’t want slomo, turn off cheats. :wink:

Simple, yet so awesome.

thanks tryed it out took alot of the awesome away so i dont reccomend doing it i just need to find out whats making my slo all screwy probably gonna reinstall. but one thing i did notice is it dosent kill everything with one hit mostly just breen. is there a way i can jack up the damage?

Holy fuckin’ awesome.

It has my download many times over.

It’s awesome, but it’s missing a couple things. One, the computer comes in from a random angle a lot of the time, and Second, it needs the impact noise. Other than that, epic.

Epic, but thrown monitor stucks in me and then flies above the head of my opponent.

Looks nice.
It would be even more awesome if you make homing monitors.
It’s not too hard.

Just create the monitor as a separate ent, Check ents in sphere, choose the closes npc or player (but not the player throwing it), then you just add a certain force in the direction of the closes target.
Disable gravity on the monitors will help.

You could also resize the head of the player that has the weapon equipped.
Resizing bones on players are disabled with the in game inflater tool but I think it will work if you do it in the script.

if anyone wants to edit it for this i have models for hev suit fists. maybe make it point instead of punch

Coming in next version (already done).

is the link in the new post the new one?

Give it a model that points, and make it switch randomly between the two HAX! sounds. Then I’ll be impressed.


Get the new version . (watch first post)

I tried downloading the updated version but it says link is broken.

Added :

You could of asked me to use my code…
But I like the added parts