Habibs are fighting heretics for the sake of the Allah


Oh I can’t wait till some America patriot gets here :v:

Nice work as always.

Holy shit!

shells, shells everywhere

Fucking imageshack

I waited for an half of hour to see the image.

Why did you rate disagree? That’s ze tru, man.

The blood looks bad.
The shells apparently don’t give a single fuck about lighting.

But it is sort of funny.

Да покарает тебя Аллах.

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это должно случиться

Good pic except for one little thing related to the title: How exactly are the U.S. troops “heretics”?
A heretic is someone who says false things about a religion or something related to it.
Methinks the correct term would be Infidel, given how most Coalition soldiers don’t believe in Allah at all, so they wouldn’t be heretics as they have nothing false or true to say about Islam. Even the terrorists seem to call them infidels.

That aside, good work.

Terrorists wins

argh all of the racist comments i want to make must hold them back…
good work though it looks good but a bit overkill on the shells

I don’t believe in imaginary friends.

Here we go again.

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Got banned, comes back to impress us, then fucks with us, and got banned again.

The circle never ends.

“I have no legs now but I still can stand!” guy on the right side said.
nah, kidding.
but why is a taliban on the right aiming him?

It Look funny…blood effect Is Bad…And Why is there in a watermelon

He never impressed me, his random humor and bad habit of putting milk all over his pictures is just bad overall.
Anyway thanks Asaratha, 1 month without that fucker will be amazing.

Soldier of Fortune in a nutshell