Hack Detection

A few months ago my friend was banned from facepunch servers for running hacks in the background for a separate game. These hacks were at no time used for rust and this isn’t a ban appeal. However, is there any way to make sure that his system is clean to where he is able to play on these servers without fear of being banned again?

reformat pc and don’t run hacks again.

-snip- I’m an idiot

Just FYI, EAC doesn’t ban you for hacking in other games. If he was banned it’s because a hack that works for rust was detected running alongside the game.

What postal said, eac and FacePunch have said on multiple occasions that you cannot and will not be banned unless a known cheat is loaded in to your RUST memory. Your friend is a liar, if he was eac banned, he was using a rust hack.

The only way to be sure is to do a full reinstalation of Windows.

Not true i have been banned from heroes and generals due to having an injector on my PC. The game was Diablo 2 and it was a private server that allowed you to use a “map hack” so you could see the dungeons more easily and have fun faster due to it being a pvm game no one minded anyone using this. But because i played on this custom server for Diablo 2 and used an allowed program i got back lash on my Heroes and Generals account and got banned. So yea having cheat programs even for other games can get you banned. So just avoid any kind of cheating. But man did it suck for me :frowning: but obviously for me i learned don’t risk it even if its allowed lol.

Probably a good practice to just not have anything “weird” running on the PC while playing rust in general.
“yeah i’m wallhacking cs:s and maphacking diablo but I just had to alt tab into rust for a bit”
“yes i really need to dissasemble this installer for completely legit reasons but i got bored, lets do some rust”
… ??

Wrong. What i said was very true. We’re not talking about about heroes and generals, they clearly have a very different anti-cheat system.

Here in RUST, eac will ONLY ban you if you have a KNOWN RUST CHEAT running in your RUST memory. Eac developers have stated this on multiple occasions.

With all the CAPS it sounds like you know what you are talking about.

I don’t get you guys like why cheat at all in any game unless your a dev?

What’s the fun in that?

Considering that is what an eac dev said to someone on an older post, yes I kinda do know what I’m talking about since I’ve read that same thing written by multiple eac devs on different posts.

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Sorry didn’t know how to quote [EAC] nago properly since the thread was locked. But this is the thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1501097

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I would have to agree, surely most hackers are 12-15 year old kids that just want to be “the best” even though they have to cheat to get there.