Hack Detector/Scanner (Client Side)

Does anyone happen to know where I can find some sort of detector or scanner script that I can use? I’ve been searching pretty much everywhere. I can’t find anyone to script one for me. I need a script or something that will let me see if someone has a wallhack or an aimbot. Mainly because of rp-wars when everyone bitches and complains about so and so having an aimbot. Can someone post a URL or something? ( I need it for Garry’s Mod)

Scriptenforcer, use it.

Script Enforcer will handle all LUA hacks. If you want to block non-lua hacks then you are SOL

ForceConvar/FuncSolver will solve that.

hey look gmod td

Scriptenforcer is the only public form of anticheat. If you want to test my old private anticheat (Which I’m currently updating so it’s a mess), join my server.

Or another server running the same script, I gave them it :3

Edit: I know it’s shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Post the code lets see how long it will take to bypass lol

One of the advantages of the server runners is that we don’t have the code.

What is a Server Runner?

Oh god. I no longer have any IQ points left.

No but really I don’t understand what he is saying

If you don’t understand that, there is no point in me posting my code. You will never bypass it.

Post the code and we will find out wont we

No. If you want to see the code, go download it from the server and lurk the cache.

ye but i cba with all the crap that comes with it on them ZS servers

A person who runs a server?

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Most gamemodes (Almost all) are script enforced, what means for you that script is useless

Ye because bypassing script enforcer is impossible

It doesn’t take long, trust me. I once joined his server with my private lua hack and nothing happened to me (because my hack was coded to be invisible and uses methods, which - I’m quite sure - no other hack uses.)

Anyway, lua-hacks are easily coded and SE can’t hold all of them - That’s why people coded “lua-anticheats”. I once coded such a thing too until I realized how stupidly easy it is to exploit such methods.


It isn’t.