Hack, Exploit, not sure

So was playing on Official USA Central 4 and I’d guess 9:15am I see this naked guy with name longbow or longbow… something. He starts walking around me. As soon as he gets to my back I turn around and in that 1 second he has equiped a full suit of kevlar and an automatic rifle. (How did he change gear in an instant?)

Luckily I had a shot gun, so after a few rounds from my pistol I get a close range shotgun blast to kill him. As I approach his bag to collect my winnings he spawns right in front of his bag. (How did he do that? Does putting a sleeping bag in your inventory allow you to spawn there?)

So I had to run. Somehow I survived even though my health was at 0.

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No, having a sleeping bag does not allow you to spawn where you die. You can use a sleeping bag as a spawn point but only if you have place it on the ground somewhere. He either got EXTREMELY lucky or is cheating.


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Oi, that’s no good. Hope people fix it if it’s hacking. Which it does sound like.

Thats what I thought, but I have had 3 griefers killed, and all had a sleeping bag on them. I thought it weird so maybe it has something to do with it. I don’t know if the others were able to spawn back. Maybe something I will test.

I have noticed the random respawn doesn’t seem as random if you click “to camp” when you die and you DON’T have a sleeping bag placed. I spawned in the same spot twice, although not next to my body

I carry a sleeping bag around and drop it when I find someone to kill. If I die, I run at them and beat them with my uncensored meat stick.

lel ^

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