Hack / Glitch

Was just inside a fully enclosed room with a metal door that was inside another fully enclosed room with a metal door. All walls and doors intact. All doors shut. I’m the only person with access to my house. No one was inside this room but me. Died from a bullet to the head from a pistol.

Just before I died, people were complaining of others speed hacking, no clipping etc.

10 minutes later, that happened. Now, I’m not here to complain. Shit like this was bound to happen. Just writing this to notify those that moderate these forums.

Also, a warning. If alot of people are complaining about a flying man / no clipper. Just log off and have lunch. Come back a little later lol.

Yea its easy to hack cause they don’t have any anti-cheat programs :frowning:
Hackers suck but nothing we can do, we need admins to add something to prevent it like FairGight or go on steam and get VAC :slight_smile:

I know, all in due time (:

He could have logged off where your base was.

The chances of that are miniscule to nothing.

I logged off on the EU server and logged back in like 4 days later and I was in someone’s loot room.

Uh, no, they aren’t. It increases the closer he is to spawn, which is likely because he is probably new, judging from the fact he didn’t even consider this.

The thought had crossed my mind but I would have seen him appear to say the least. Oh well. Whats done is done.

On the bug reports closed section you can see some people reporting desyncing players running around. This is most likely what happend. If someone desyncs themselves when your doors are open when they resync the doors are still open even if you closed them.


It could as well be the noclip through your ceiling bug if this spot was on the 2nd floor. With large storage crates you can make yourself clip through a ceiling.

“nyaaaa” is one of those players who uses the glitch/dupe method.


and always on a nopvp so its even more **** :yarr:

That Nyaaa guy was and is full of bullshit. I wouldn’t take him serious.

Don’t forget that anyone can impersonate anyone. There is no actual way for us to know if someone is really who they are and not an impersonator.

To be quite honest, that is exactly how he talks and one could not impersonate him if they wanted to try. He’s an attention-seeking child, who likes to grief and raid. I just ignore him.

And as stated, it is alpha, things such as this will happen, many wipes will happen, so just take everything in stride and go with the flow.

Have fun!

Im hopefully going to buy a key next time they go for sale. Probably around 45-50 dollars. Is the game like too filled with hackers, i’d like to know as i’m going to buy a key soon.

So far have not seen many hackers. PvP is KoS, so unless you have friends you’ll have a bad time there. PvE is nice to get started learning the game, but there is still griefing and raiding.

Alright, all my friends play Xbox with me… Ill see if I can hook up with a few guys or somethin. Or just be “that guy” who lies about not having a base/house. Idk ill figure something out. Thanks :wink:

Yeah, there’s a lot of friendlies out there, but there’s equal or greater numbers of bandits. But this is definitely a time in the game where the bigger your group is the better.

Slowly but surely my clans getting keys, and soon we’ll all try PvP and see how it goes. :smiley:

I’m neither friendly nor a bandit. Solo 4 lyf

Must be lonely. I usually play single player games to be solo.

Hey im on that picture :slight_smile:

But yeh, people were crying because of Nyaaaa entering people house’s without them opening doors lol