Hack off difficulty

Just a quick question. What would be a probable difficulty in hacking the jacket off a Nick model?

nick dosent really have like a model under the jacket. hard to explain i know nothing really

You would probably have to rebuild his torso from scratch.

If you remove jacked, there will be no polygons/faces. And you will have to add them then and texture as well. Quite some work to do, and don’t waste your time if you don’t know how to make models.

Why reply then?

If you didn’t want to model the torso, you could hack a bare torso onto his.

just wanted to help.

and i was right he dosen’t have anything under there.

It’s not helping if you’re guessing.

You may as well have not said anything as the thing you did say was rendered useless as you went on to say “I know nothing” meaning you had no idea.

maybe i worded it wrong then i knew he didnt have anything under the jacket, but i wasnt sure.OK or you gonna moan about something else, like you usually do.

Fisherath made an educated guess and he was absolutely correct about it so there’s no harm done. So in other words, you’re not helping at all, whereas Fisherath has done something progressive.

More importantly, what Arleitiss said is pretty much what you wanted to know. You’re gonna have to hack a new torso on to him, or at least patch up the model you’ll basically be tearing to pieces by removing the jacket parts from. Not just the torso, but his arms as well (minus the hands). And probably the more difficult part will be unwrapping the newly made parts and skinning them. Not an easy task at all. Again as Arleitiss said, if you don’t have any extensive experience with modeling and skinning then doing even bother. If the jacket were a separate object entirely then this would have been the easiest thing in the world.

I don’t see why any of that was helpful, Zomg. He just made a guess to what he saw, honestly i would have made that assumption as well. And not to mention it’s most likely not under model from the shirt.
Plus What he said was at least information about it.

I suggest just using the entire chest with the jacket if you really want it.