Hack or Lag/Desync?

This happened today on my server and am trying to decide if this is hacking or just innocent lag/desync… Let me know your thoughts


longer version: http://plays.tv/video/573007e576366ece37/longer

This player has been banned from the server and I want to make sure it was appropriate to do so. If anyone has an opinion, please let me know.

is it your server?

if so, the “right” decision is whatever you feel serves the best interests of the server.

otherwise, the video doesn’t really show anything valuable.

I feel that the ‘right’ decision is the one that accurately portrays what happened here. Right now I’m unsure if this was a deliberate hack or if this could potentially be caused by a lag or desync issue. Has nobody else seen anything similar?

i think you are making it more complicated then it needs to be. **imo, go with your gut. **

often players who are legitimately hacking will try and muddy the water with lies, and a player desyncing badly (and regularly) is probably going to reduce enjoyment for other players and themself by being difficult to hit or unable to play properly.

desyncing is an intermittent issue, and certainly not a new one, but i’m not sure what information you are after really.

I really don’t get what was the “thing” he got banned for. Yes there was some lag but I wouldn’t go and ban people for it straight away. Why don’t you investigate and spectate the player bit more and get more proof about this? If the same lag/desync happens more often -> banhammer :godzing:

That sure seems like a hacker to me. You guys think the wall blew up on Remarks’ computer before Goliath’s and so he was able to aim and headshot him?

Not the first time this kind of death happened… If you’re laggy your character stops at server but you can still move on your own screen. The enemy has pretty much time to aim and headshot since you’re standing still.

Another example. If the server is laggy everything stops but you can still move. If you run towards and see a player and headshot him he dies right after the server catches up.

How about this video right here: