Hack or Unfortunate Glitch?

So, on my server tonight one of my regular players was accused of hacking. He’s been playing on the server every day for at least a week and I’ve not had a single problem with him.

I came on the server and he was in the foundations of a base and had been attacking players in the base. This video shows it from the base owner’s perspective:

However, the guy said that he’d just bugged out while teleporting and was randomly trying clicking. He sent me a screenshot of his game and it looked kind of odd:

At this point, I really don’t know what to think. I don’t want to ban an innocent player because of a glitch but at the same time, I don’t have enough knowledge of what rust hacks look like these days to make a decent judgement.
So I’d really appreciate knowing what you guys here think. I know there are a lot of people with lots of experience in the game.

Thanks :smiley:

anyone got an idea? nu?

considering it looks exactly like all the other hack videos posted here the last days - ban him.

You can’t ban solely on the basis of a video surely?

Remove the “s” from https if you want to embed videos.

The start of your video is godly.

If it looks like a hack, smells like a hack, quacks like a hack … it’s a hack.

Send him to the baninator.

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If it’s his server, he can ban for whatever he wants.

no proof in that video as to which player was doing it, but yeah, looks like walling.

Currently there is an issue with the Oxide Warp plugin (It hasn’t been updated in over a month now) that will desync you if you use it. While you are desynced you can walk through walls and foundations as well as shooting people.

I ran into this on my server a few times. Reconnecting is the only way to fix it when it occurs. This can also sometimes happen to the Teleportation plugin but isn’t as common as it was after the update 3 weeks ago.

i say ban,he was killing them while he knew he was glitched.

Well obviously but I’d suggest that any owner / admin that makes decisions solely on the basis of accusations and videos like this is going to get manipulated. With so many servers with self appointed admins the standard of moderation is going to vary widely between servers.

sounds like hes exploiting weaknesses in the telport mod. seen that happen alot.

Well it’s an easy fix for the plugin to stop the issue but most server admins are too lazy to learn the basic coding need to update and fix their own plugins.

So here is the fixed version that I use on my server. http://pastebin.com/XPF4PZhq

Yep this. A lot of bases, including mine, got raided like that. When you teleport far away you will spawn on map with nothing in it and while objects haven’t loaded you can walk through anything. It even happens in your own bases. I’d often be in my foundation and would have to jump up to get into the base properly.
I also could walk through my walls and be outside the base when it fully loaded.
It’s easy to exploit as you can put a teleport point near some base and then run into it while it hasn’t loaded.

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Most admins ban anyone who is caught exploiting this.