hack status inquiry

Hey all.

I loved Rust but left several months ago because of the out of control hacking/scripting/whatever its called. I’d like to come back and it seems like a lot has changed. I did a search and don’t see many comments about hackers and so I’m hoping maybe its been dramatically reduced. Is this the case? Thanks in advance if anyone takes the time to answer :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge(bear with me as I haven’t really played Rust in a while myself), Legacy/Classic/Old version of Rust is supposedly in the same as it was with regards to “hacks”. However, it is to be expected as they are no longer updating the Legacy version.

Current/Experimental Rust as far as I know doesn’t seem to have as big of a problem with “hacks”. Its still a work in progress though and unstable/not really ready for “playing” as opposed to “testing”. It also has an additional anti cheat in addition to VAC.

People dont make hacks because they want to use it. They make hacks in order to sell and make profit out of it. Experimental rust is not profitable in that matter yet so there are not many hacks for experimental. As far as i know there are only two hacks for experimental that works and are expensive as shit. Arround 100~ USD month.

The best way to make a hack free game is to make it less profitable possible for hackers. As long as EAC updates frequently and they dont fuck up like punkbuster and hackshield i’m fine with it. They’ve been doing 1 awesome job so far in the fourms and fixing bugs.

You need to remember that 95% of the “hacks” for legacy were simply a tool that would let you exploit a bug easier. Only a few tools you can really consider as a hack like aimbot,esp.