hack status question

A group of friends and I had quit this game due to the frequent encounters of aimbotters/speedhackers/etc. We love this game though. Is the hacking just as bad, worse or better? Thanks.

What do you think, it’s only vac.

I see the community still sucks lol

Join a community server with active admins. I regularly see people getting banned for this. A guy got banned last night on my server for flying around.

Problem is abusive admins or that admins aren’t on 24/7. Were waiting for it to be a bitch to hack on official servers XD. Thank you though.

Well hell, who can stay on the game 24/7? But I get your meaning. Just have to find that diamond in the rough.

That’s my point. Its not possible and thus hackers will do significant damage in that timeframe.

When the experimental branch launches it will have EAC implemented I believe, might be a good idea to pick the game back up then.

It can be hard to find a good admin/server, but I hardly ever have problems with hackers now.

still a lot of hackers, as a admin I am surprised how many hackers it is…

I’ve only ever encountered one hacker on my server. But then again we aren’t super populated at the moment. Most I’ve ever seen on are around 10 at a time.