Hacked COD:BO Soviet Hazmat Soldier


This model has some bodygroups.

Bodygroup 1: Gasmask (Evil-ish gasmask and GP-5 Gasmask)
Bodygroup 2: Helmet (BO Soviet helmet and WAW Soviet helmet)
Texturegroup 1: Default texture
Texturegroup 2: Camouflaged texture

A number of people participated in this model. (luxox_18, Bloocobalt, chl0407, tlsaudrl54, No1_sniper and me.)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ncrzm4nlmr9r8o9

Time for some Fallout poses :toot:

e/ no :toot:? welp

They look awesome, nice work.

Heh, interesting, good work!

55me! good work rang ke

Im interested in where that AK74 came from.

BF2 mod, PRM

i think it’s cooler to Hack this model to looks more Modern looking
But,Seriously this looks awesum :smiley:

Sweet release, ddok.

here’s a taste of the action

I like it, thank god for Luxox to get these badass models out.

Where can I get the aks or do they come with it?

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I have a gas-mask just like that :3

shell casings in flashlights? thats something new

taks for the credit …good work !!! the models look great…have a apocalyptic look :smiley:

The angry-eye holes on the masks in the first pic make them look like helghast from Killzone.
Good work!