Hacked DOD:S equipment/parts

I requested this a long time ago, after I saw Jason278’s Hacked TF2 Parts pack or whatnot, but I never heard anything about whether or not it could be done.

To recap, this is identical in nature to the TF2 parts pack: creating independent props of ammunition pouches, backpacks, helmets, and the like, from the Axis and Allied soldiers. (Truth be told, there’s some RnL models that would be good to look at, so I guess if possible I’d ask for those)

There’s a couple of reasons I ask for this. One is so that I can pose models with World War 2 era equipment, and I’m sure there’s others who would as well. Two, I’m thinking about getting a model hacked with some of these parts, and I want to keep it easy for them: instead of forcing the modeler to have to decompile a whole DOD:S ragdoll just to extract a sling or a helmet, they would merely need to hack these parts onto their destination model.

My requests seem to end up on page 10 if I make them, so I’m hoping I’ll get someone willing to do this this time around.

Tl;Dr Hacked equipment from DOD:S (or RnL) soldiers.

I would really love this! I’ve been looking for independent dods equipent for years, but theres nothing out there.