Hacked? Help please!

I played on the server for GM and then suddenly went voting “You are 18 years old?”, after voting with GM strange things happened:

  1. ALL the settings are lost. Controls has completely disappeared. Button “default settings” does not work.

  2. Can’t join any server that say:
    ERROR: You’re too young for this game. Please remove Garrysmod.

  3. If and be able to connect to play unreal, at any movement in the chat writes different delirium:
    “I cheater ban me 29”

When you try to exit the game attaches to any server, and again the error text.

P.S. Tried to clean config.cfg and autoexec.cfg - virus still replace these files with their data.
What to do? If you have any suggestions other than “Reinstall Windows” or “Clean config” - joy ask. I would be very grateful! very grateful!
P.S. I’m 19! What the fuck says that I’m too young for this game???

Delete your GarrysMod folder.

Did a scan PC 2 times. Nothing new he said. Scanned through ESET Smart Security

Check if any lua files were made recently in your Garry’s Mod installation folder(<Root of steam>/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod)and remove them completely. If that doesn’t work try cleaning out Garry’s Mod installation by renaming 'GarrysMod" directory in “common” folder to “Garrysmod_old”.

Reinstall Garry’s Mod and all of your games on Steam, that’s from experience of what I did.

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Rather just do what we suggested and rename your Garry’s Mod directory to GarrysMod_Old and try working from there.

The same thing happened to me. I thought I fixed it by re-installing gmod but it came back when I enabled CSS for gmod. I totally re-installed alll my games just to be safe and totally re-installed steam and that seemed to work I haven’t had any problems since then (a week or so)

You have a LUA virus. Check for new lua stuff downloaded. You dont need to uninstall.

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You’re an idiot if you think MBAM or any AV software will detect it. I’ts not actually a virus, it would be classed as a trojan horse which can only be inside a game.

Whatever you do. Do not delete your lua folder.

protip: DON’T join UnitedHosts Deathmatch server.

I hope you had UAC enabled so your HDD isn’t filled with ton of dumb files. Also remove your garrysmod/cfg folder and verify game files, every config of yours should be fucked up for now.

is this even legal…?

We just used to play with friends on Deadmatch server, and on behalf of 5 people say:
-“if something can help - we will be grateful to you!”

Now I will try to do everything that you advised, since at to find lua files. If you could help - write.

Please avoid spreading false information

Renamed GarrysMod -> GarrysMod_Old . Nothing has changed. So all the same when you start the game attaches to an unknown server + in 1-2 minutes crashes the game.

P.S. Checked AT - nothing new, he didn’t tell me that, with the exception of 13 PUP keys… so All the same.

Looks like the community UnitedHosts only infects cheaters that are detected with their private “HAC”.

Wouldn’t be surprised if luxe was cheating and deserves this.

I’ve cheated? **** ***! My friends and just had fun at Deadmatch servers and some bastard has infected me with this virus! I’m here to get some help, not to hear the accusations against me!

Hex’s community is well known for it’s dealings with the following:

-12 Year Olds

hackers get a lua virus (you)

12 year olds get a group, makes their bullets do damage to themself and give hp to others

Just delete your dowloads folder, configuration folder and lua folder and it should be fixed with a verify files. The same thing happened to me with the slob.mp2 lua virus
If that for some reason don’t work, PM me and I’ll screen share with you. I don’t care if you hacked or not. Lua viruses are piles of shit

Won’t the Steam Cloud just download what I suspect is a config file with rebound keys when he deletes the folder…?