Hacked problems

Ok this is actually by brothers problem but he does not know how to do anything.

Ok First, this started with his account being hacked while out of town for thanksgiving last year. After getting back, he makes a steam support ticket 2 weeks later about it. When they ask for the last 4 digits of the credit card to verify he originally created it. He could not get them, (mom thought he would buy things).

Then somehow they got an account for him, with all the games he had, but it just redirects him to the store page to buy it again. What can he do to fix this. Does he need to create another support ticket?

Also on a side note: When you report in a ticket that your account has been stolen, Arn’t they supposed to disable the account because his hacked account is still being used.

I thought it redirected the person if said game was preloaded, but not on that account. You sure your brother got his account back, or did he make another one?

Just ask your parents to try and retrieve it for him.

Im pretty sure he didn’t make a new account.

tell your brother links that look like this>> http://steamingpowder.tk/ that come from random people you’ve never talked to on steam before do NOT have free steam games…
And just ask your mom for the last four digits, if that’s all you need.