Hacked Team Fortress 2 props

I came across a huge pack of hacked TF2 models with things like separated bomb carts, correct Natascha, Backburner, and Kritzkreig models, better physboxes for a lot of models, and the like but never bookmarked it and can’t find it again.

Does anyone know where I could find this pack?

Search seems to be broken for me.


It was like that but it had a lot more stuff and better physboxes.

well im fuckin sorry.

do you want me to hack my own tf2 props? how about make my own props? in fact why dont you just fucking make me create team fortress 3 while youre at it.


I’m sorry if I came off as an ungrateful prick, but I was just trying to say that that wasn’t the one I was looking for.

The one I saw earlier was distinctly different than that and had a lot more stuff.


Thats it! Thanks, Jason.

Damn I need to update that.

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