Hacker admits it in Alpha

Sorry if this is annoying to keep seeing stuff like this, but it’s the first time I’ve seen speed hack and super jump on Rust Alpha, which scares me because they can easily get to vulnerable places on a base that is otherwise very protected. Here is a picture of the dialogue between hacker(s) and bystanders. This guy, Neotv, is being very open about it. Anyway, I’m hoping that Facepunch will start cracking down on these guys. Hard.

Thank you. As you can tell from the 987543275984327859432975432 other reports of hackers, this player’s account will immediately be terminated based on a screenshot and third party account without any frame of reference whatsoever.

him saying he is a hacker doesn’t prove that he is.

I get the feeling you’re being sarcastic… :confused:

Well after having 300+ hours logged this is the first time I’ve seen someone using speed hack and super jump in Alpha. I mean, a whole lot of it in Legacy, but never Alpha. Guess I’ve been lucky.

New to the forum so I didn’t know there were so many posts about it. Maybe they can start a sub-forum for people like me to dump their accusations (and for everyone else to ignore).

Jhschaffer, I can do with your name on that server now and your picture and say I’m hacking on the chat, proof like this has to be backed up by a video recording together with the shift tab to see if it’s really the profile of that guy or just a copycat

A subforum would do nothing. How about you just not call out people for hacking and let EAC and VAC do their job?

Why are all the hackers always foreign? They can’t even type proper english…

I’m sure you can’t speak their language either , be sure there are American cheaters too out there :d

I hear there is a pluggin to deal with jump and speed hacking. Maybe you should play on player hosted servers that run it.