hacker alert

Hey guys sorry if this is not in the right part of the forum but just wanted to say there is a hacker on right now called Mc.nagger he has speed hacks and is using them for evil -_- just wanted someone to verify this for me because ive seen him go from the other side of a forest to a wood pile i was gathering so yeah thats it

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the hackers thread" - postal))

Speedhack or N-stepping? N-stepping seems to be quite common on US.

not too sure
all i know is he went from 1 side of the a large forest to me on the other side in about 1-2 seconds and he has now changed his name to SXG Mc.Nagger

No need to report names, since name changing and impersonation is a feature. And no need to report anything exploitive by another player without video, because lack of it is a clear lack of proof.

Maybe they should change it for this reason and if they want it in the game they have to do it like the spy in team fortress 2

Most experienced fps/survival multiplayer persistent game world players might think that, but the inexperienced ones and ones that want to exploit it dont think so, I believe.

Lag-switching. And reporting hackers on the forums like this isn’t the right way.

Pls no

i know i have a lack of proof thats why i said can anyone varify this or can someone watch him cuz hes in a huge clan

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and i did say i didnt know if this was the right place

jesus christ man. i never hacked. i attack in a group of 2. i probably flanked you and killed you. i dont hack jeez

and i do get n-stepped all the time. hopefully it will be fixed soon

Even your profile pic speed haxzz

no proof either