Hacker Cedric Lamar (Superman) on US central 3 (Stress test)

This guy has been able to roam the server for a few days now headshotting everything and everyone in his path. The entire server knows his a hacker and have reported him on steam to no use. He has headshotted 3 people from a good 300 yards, been unloaded at from point blank range and not died and used ESP repeatedly . He is one of the reasons as to why the server is dieing and no1 wants to play on it. Half of the server has left and soon it will become baron . If an admin could get on for a minute and just read chat you will see what im talking about and should have no trouble finding him in the act of hacking . Please admins , fix this bullshit.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))