Hacker - he can open your doors

Hey today i played 20 hours of Rust. I build big house got tons of weapons and stuff and you know what. Hacker came to my house killed me and stole everything. That’s it done.
I recorded it on my livestream. Is there any oportunity to ban him/ get my house back? ;/

http://www.twitch.tv/azerlia/c/2581197 <---- here i checked all my doors so he couldn’t get to my house… ;c

I dont know what to get my items back ==’

You don’t even have a roof lol

Think of it this way, Fallout 3 rules, if someone steals your shit, you go get it back lol

You played 20 hours of Rust in a 24 hour day?

You wont get your items back, and I doubt anything will happen to him because your video doesn’t show him teleporting or glitching or opening doors that he doesn’t own. Sorry bud but I don’t think justice will happen.

Shit ;/ There is moment where i died and you can hear how he opens the doors.
And yeah maybe i dont have a roof in this house but listen this is high building and there was to ramps or anything like that. I don’t even heard when this guys walked to my house when i hear aweryone who is 20 meteres around me. Ppl on livestream told be that it was rly strange

Sounds like you need to turn this into a learning opportunity, not a hackusation.

And play more Rust, since you obviously haven’t mastered it.

Wow what a really dick thing to say, I bet you don’t even have a Rust account you smug fuck, go be a asshole somewhere else.

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the irony of your reply is amazing

You have no proof that he hacked(if he did have legit proof). He could have either broke through a wooden door (replace one with his) or climbed through the roof, or log-out before you started building. If you want your stuff back just go after him.

You know what? You are an idiot if you think that i didn’t mastered this game. And what oportunity you are talking about? This guy had no chance go get inside my house. There is only one way if you destroy 3 wooden doors. There was all of them. And noone was behind when i back home. I was walking there and nobody was there acctualy. He appears from shit.

Yeah I know what I said, but I had the right reason to say it in the way I said it, the guy was being an asshole so I told him straight in the same way he replied to the original poster.

Some people don’t practice what they preach XD

If I were the developers I would be inviting hackers to play, so long as they report how they did what they did, they are helping to develop the game. I can’t possibly understand why you are requesting restitution in an alpha stage game where literally everything is subject to change.

Didn’t mean to do Disagree BTW. But He got the first part right, make it into a study the situation and learn from it, I doubt it had to do with his skills in the game

If the only way you can see this guy getting in is by hacking, you probably haven’t mastered Rust.

Then tell me how this guy got to my house? I build it today from totaly 0 and here you have full gameplay from when i got home. So every door was mine and there was nobody. And watch in fist post second video when i back home and checked all my doors and house allround

here is a link do longer vid: http://www.twitch.tv/azerlia/c/2581366

This is probably how he got into your house.

Like someone mentioned before, you don’t even have a roof on your house. For all we know he could have just built himself some rudimentary ladder or ramp into there.

everyone’s a hacker