Hacker in Facepunch Toronto (Reopening thread)

I’m not posting this to report the hacker Joker on facepunch toronto, but to precise that he also sells hacks publicly in global chat, on his youtube channel (I know he has one but he prob has multiple) and via skype. I already emailed garry about his case with the link of his youtube channel. Also pleae note that a regular Vac ban will not help at all. Joker has been hacking since I started playing in summer 2015, Ive seen him on multiple servers hacking and whenever he would get banned, he would make an other acc and buy rust. He stated multiple times in chat that he doesn’t care because rust keys are cheap in Russia, where he lives. So again, this thread is needed as he is not a regular hacker. He is a big rust hacks seller and he always avoid the ban no matter what.

Thank you for your time

I dont know where the problem is, It seems to be good a thing, He is activly donating Money too FP + his cheats are being detected which erases a lot of players who actually really try to Hack + if they dont live in russia they will rethink the next purchase.