Hacker in Rust Alpha Server Ámsterdam III

these persons uses hacks in Rust Alpha game, in the new upgrade the houses are destructible and their houses are indestructible.
In addition, their bodies are immortal.


Soy español e escrito en ingles como pude pero si algun español o mismo los del servidor entienden el español me explicare tambien en español.
Esta gente a creado hack para no morir, crearon una casa en medio de una roca y no se puede romper con nada y si disparas flechas o das achazos a los cuerpos no les haces nada. Gracias espero respuesta.

i am not sure but there used to be a bug where bodies could not be killed in a cave. Not sure if that was fixed

i dont know but its very strange

All caves are bugged, its not hacks.

They are not hackers, there is invisible texture in whitch you can walk through and if you go under it to sleep you cant be hit because if you try you will hit that texture, its probably invisible sand or snow, i came across this bug with invisible snow, if you look at it at a specific angle you will see the texture

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This only happens in a cave as far as i know

in the future dont post these types of threads, its not useful and clogs up the forums. this is as EAC and VAC are for

And who are you to say what can and can’t be posted here? This has nothing to do with the Op’s question

the op hasn’t asked a question. they have stated they think they have seen a hacker. it’s most likely the cave bug that has been around for a while, and if it is not, EAC or VAC will collect them without the need for a report.

also, it does clog up the forum with pointless threads if everyone “reports” hackers here. it’s not what the forum is for, and many threads before this have been closed as “shitposts”. un was just pointing out the obvious, he doesn’t need to have any authority in the matter.

Ok…I’ll buy that. At the same time, I do believe that is why they have moderators. Looking at his profile now, it doesn’t appear to be that he is one. In essence, let the mod’s do their job