Hacker Messed one of my commands.

Hey guys, Now my admins cant see any thing in the Console Logs, Do you know know whats the command that the hacker had put to block them from seeing the logs.
By the way im running a Dark RP 2.5 server.
In addition I cant pick up player’s props, I can only pick up them.


Try one of these:
darkrp_logging 1
fadmin_logging 1

still didn’t help.

To be honest, from what it seems, someone got rid of your admin rank, or messed up the permissions. Both DarkRP, FAdmin and FPP have some kind of logging that checks for “ply:IsAdmin() or ply:IsSuperadmin()”. If you are either of these groups, you are able to pick up players (if settings in FAdmin allow you), and able to see logging from the console.

Did you try running those 2 commands using RCon, or your local PC? You should run it on RCon.


Are you using ulx too?