Hacker No Clipped My Clan

Server US2 went down today and there was a server wipe everything gone but what we had on us, we made a simple base to start over again. Two people approached us with full Kevlar and one naked one. Then one of them obviously a kid started rambling in his mic at us he then no clipped through a wall naked swinging his rock. All doors were closed then the 2 outside blew open one of our doors open and killed us. We’re not upset at dying, it’s the kid on the mic who no clipped through our wall at us distracting while the other 2 came in.

No clippers name is FlabberWocky, Server US2, NO Clip us at 5.15pm EST.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers thread" - postal))

It’s probably a bug, there’s been bugs in the past, and as far as I know, there is one currently, that allows you to clip through walls.

I’m tired of reading “it’s a bug” people just know how to do this bug at the right times? No.

People have reported that you can clip through walls, especially wooden ones. I’ve been told that you can get through metal walls, but I’m not sure if it ever was fixed. Yes, people who exploit bugs know how to do these at the right times.

Actually, yes. Bugs don’t have to be just random things nobody has control over. They can sometimes be triggered when needed. In fact, that’s pretty much why and how bugs can be exploited.