Hacker No Longer Getting Banned


They have stopped banning hackers as of January 25th. Sorry for anyone who ever had any want to actually play a legit game.

At least they finally came to terms and realized they couldn’t stop the hackers. GG RIP - Rust.

The 25th was just the most recent ban wave. They happen every 2 weeks or so as it takes time for the software to confirm suspicious activity is actually a “hack”. They only happen daily in the very uncommon case of someone using a cheat that is already in EACs detection lists.

It takes HELIOS about 2 hours to update his hacks after every patch. I’ve been using the cheat for more than 2 months undetected…

However I did get banned on one ALT account as a test to see just how much I had to shit on everyone in the server before they would do their jobs… I literally spent 3 days flying around with an AK headshotting everyone from distances unheard of. lol cant wait til they put a scope in.

Seeing as you went and told someone to use those, I’m gonna take a guess that you are less a “concerned” member of the community and moreso a shill for said “hack” writer? Because seriously, claiming to be fed up with something, then confessing to using it and trying to get others on to it?

Concerned? The hack has been undetected and is constantly updated sometimes less than 1 hour of new updates / patches release.

Concerned for the individuals being duped into paying for a video game that constantly fails to stop cheating and exploits.

And its amazing how quick the forum admins are quick to sweep these issues under the table and block ban users trying to get the exploits out in the open and asking for the creators and server admins to address them…

[del]What do you think’s going to happen when you come here and admit that you’ve been hacking for two months?[/del] :v:

Well. :v:

Also there is a sticky thread and people get banned for not reading it and doing things it tells you not to. People don’t get banned to cover up the exploits they reveal. The forum mods don’t care about Rust, they care about enforcing the forum rules, and it’s really easy to break the rules if you don’t even try and read them when they’re presented to you (and that’s tediously common for Rust users).

Seems that the bans haven’t stopped, they just don’t live-tweet them.

Tweets just aren’t going out.