I played in Amsterdam on 2, I got hacked the hacker, then I came to London 2 and here is me hacking cheaters already 3 times… what do I do how to play this game? want I was told the developers and told how to play this fucking game? or you create cheats? and sell to people who are ready to buy this shit

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I was wasting my time on this game to the cheater came and cleaned my house cool

Avoid official servers. They are not (properly) moderated. Play on a well run Community server and you’ll be much happier. Official servers are terrible places. Full of terrible people. Terrible.

on the official servers fun to play than on modified servers, but cheaters do not normally play people

Servers listed under the “Community” tab are not modified. They are running exactly the same game as the official ones, potentially minus some of the terrible. If you’re asking for less cheaters on the official servers, you will be disappointed.

how developers relate to this or do they care?