Hacker on Dev #1? Video inside

i went there before and died instantly (like in the video) but this time i recorded it.
Is that a hack or a ?bug?
it happened 3 times

(User was banned for this post ("missed hacker report thread" - postal))

When was this video shot? (how many hours ago)

23 minutes ago

It’s been already reported a few days ago:

A guy thinks it’s a desync problem and not a hacker. Apparently someone is just besides you and shoots you with a shotgun (with silencer in the case of OP) but you can’t see the guy and you hear the shot from really far away because of the desync problem.

admin abusing the invisible armor possibly

  1. No hacks, you probably got the clip death.

  2. Your recoil seems suspicious, just saying.

um ok

Anyone who has played Counter-Strike for more than 5 years visually looks to be an aimbotter. Humans reaction time can come very close to automated computer scripts believe it or not.


Another one.