Hacker on Texas Server II

We’ve tried reporting to steam. We’ve tried sending messages on twitter, and this guy keeps coming.

He’s killing everyone on server who isn’t making a shrine for him using aimbot, speedhacks, and flying.

His name is ЛОЛОЛОЛОЛОЛОЛ:|}{|{

My steam is DH

I wouldn’t have posted this here if I hadn’t exhausted all other options first.

I play on this server too. He noclips, speed hacks, super jumps, aimbots and kills everyone. THis is his steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175112515/ Its been days since I’ve reported him on twitter. He also said he decompiled the anticheat to return false. Might help, might not.

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I also can confirm this hacker. He also goes by the name number2 if I am not mistaken. He has used his own skills to decompile and create his own hacks. He has pretty much taken over the server playing every night for at least 5 nights in a row. Our anti cheat system still needs major help or maybe just a faster way to report these guys. Every night I’ve played I’ve been terrorized by hackers at on the Texas II server.

Also another hacker on Amsterdam. We are gonna stop playing for a couple of months to see if they fix this shit. It’s really not worth playing atm.