hacker on uk2

his name is fanaticgamer useing c4 about 60 of them i dont know anyone that walks around with that much on then and aim bot map hack he came to my house without knowing who i was and blow me up laughing ha wolfy i can do what i want dont belive just watch i now have nothing on uk2 and wont be playing on that sever again o btw nice anit hack must work

Fanatic gamer is a cheater sorry he destroyed your base

lol its wolfyo but see fanatic blow up his base to

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face punch u gunna do anything or can we all hack ?

fanatic blew up his own base? He blew mine up to after he aim botted me 3 times in a row from 100 yards

This is barely readable. If you want people to actually take you serious I suggest that you learn how to type actual sentences.

They said they are going to wait a bit and then mass ban them because they have logs of everyone that has done it

by then again… we are all being punished as they dangle there finger around for a good moment for them… Can’t you solve this already… is your only plan to get as many hackers banned in a wipe so they all buy your game again? is that it or what… I don’t see the need to carry this on any longer

Either they plan to use this to benefit them
They actually don’t know who is hacking and they are pretending it’s under control

yea but face punch wont do anything to him and he will make people stop playing the game im just happy its not my main sever :slight_smile:

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they dont know who it is or how to ban so now we might aswell sell the game

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there is like 9 days gone to a hacker go go dayz again

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omfg guys i can get him banned he just sent me a link to were he got his hacks

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Fanatic: Also just for your info Garry is lying. VAC isn’t enabled. We know that for a fact.
WOLFYO: we ?
WOLFYO: hackers ?
Fanatic: www.artificialaiming.net
Fanatic: Feel free to buy the hack, it’s very nice.
Fanatic: Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Looting through walls, duping etc.

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come on face punch let get this kid banned look at that website theres hacks for all games even yours