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I had this game for a long time before there were cavemen, servers, and noobs. I didn’t play for a while because too much lag and problems and bugs. They have fixed some of it but not enough by which i mean hackers. I started my rust experience up again today and what happened was 2 hours of nonsense. Average day in rust being killed by noobs. I managed to get a house after the dreaded 2 hours. I had materials and I went gathering and then i died from a wolf. Then guess what I spawn back in my bed and my house and I hear 2 guys knocking the house down D: Yes I know sad and then the thing is I was about to log because I was sick of being raided from my time I played long ago, Anyways I was about to log and what happened was the guy went right through the door took everything and went right back through the door. I hit him twice and nothing happened but that is obviously right but… HE WENT THROUGH MY DOOR! That’s why I am not specifically waiting for a hacker update because I see posts like mine Hacker!!! and they are just like this but seriously I didn’t think someone can walk through a door. Please reply on what you think! I was so looking forward to be getting back into the Rust experience. PLEASE MAKE A FIX FOR HACKERS! BTW Thanks for the all the new fixes and updates, they are very helpful. Thanks for reading everyone :smiley:

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thanks for signing your post, it makes you look cool, even though your name is right there.

as far as i know, they’re working on it.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I sign all my posts that I make :smiley:

Not that one. :slight_smile:

In game user SxG Yolo (or what ever the fuck that clan is ) did the same thing to me. He chases me through 2 metal doors and killed me, and looted shit that I spent hours gathering from a rad zone, including several guns and metal building pieces. Getting raided is one thing, at least I have a chance to defend myself, and its understandable in the context of the game, but having all of your shit looted and not being able to do anything about it is infinitely frustrating.

Yeah it is very frusturating pragmatic D:

Hackers are very prevalent in Rust; its’ an Alpha stage product. It’s just the way it is. There have been hundreds of keys sold over the past month, hundreds, and many of those players aren’t playing/testing/participating actively for various reasons, one of which is the complete lack of hack protection; there is none.

And naming names is meaningless since anyone can change their name at any time, and in-fact, impersonate someone else.

So frustrations resulting from player that use 3rd-party programs to gain advantage is very understandable, and many hope that it is addressed harshly soon.

I am an optimist and think this game has a great deal of potential, but one of the greatest public consumer acceptance defeats of many multiplayer games, particularly competitive ones, from being embraced by more consumers, is hacking and the inattentiveness to it by the development team.

We must be patient, I guess.

Haha. I had this discussion with a couple guys in TeamSpeak. Drives me nuts when people put their exact SAME name at the end of their post/signature/etc that is displayed.

Any way… I’ve played the last three days and I’ve seen only one hacker who was speed running (catching deer and meleeing them at a full sprint). Aside from that… nothing. But once the game grows bigger and becomes a HUGE deal (ie. Steam), there better be a serious anti-hack in place or we’re looking at War Z 2.

Thanks for all the reply’s. It means a lot!

It is only meaningless if you do not give the time of the event. If you say that this person logged on at this time, they can find the IP, as every server for a game like this has to constantly ping the client and the first ping always involves the client sending its IP to the server, and the server send its IP to the client. So, giving the time of the event and the name of the hacker can get them banned. (Perhaps even get the clan but on a global steam blacklist, but that’s only wishful thinking.)


Rust isn’t on Steam yet. Rust doesn’t associate Steam IDs with anything at all.

From the official post here:

(Their words not mine)

For bitching about hackers, go here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1279498


We’ll did that, and as you can see a lot of peeps did it also with strong proofs, but with the actual state of game don’t think there is much to do 'bout hackers right now :confused:

Point being people posting (not you specifically just in general) about it over and over in different threads is not going to make a difference, until they are in a position to actually do something about it?

For now they want people to use that thread and it makes sense as it reduces the spam on the forum.
Also when they start banning people for hacking having all the information in one thread will make things go much smoother don’t you think?

Sorry but where did you get the idea of not postin in one or correct thread? If you read carefully I said that I actually posted ont the second link for bitching about hackers as ALL should do :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that for now nothing can be done
since there are a lot more important stuff to do first.
So I completely agree with you, no question about that.


Was directed more at the op then you sorry was not clear on that! :wink:

I wanted to make my own post to show how mad I am at this problem and also I don’t know the name because he went super fast in and out, basically speedhack!

From the forum sticky you obviously haven’t read:

Making your own thread means you’re spamming up the forum. Hint: You are not that special.

Sorry then D: