Hacker Report for Rust "Legacy"

Hey guys, i just wanted to report a hacker that we caught in the act of shooting us through walls. I have a video showing, that i am standing in an entirely sealed of room when suddenly i get killed by someone from outside the house once, and then instantly after respawning. The guy had killed us exactly like that once before so when he showed up at our house again i started recording. The event took place on a VAC-Protected Rust Legacy Server. If you need the IP or any additional information feel free to answer to this post. Also i would highly appreciate feedback about whether or not the guy got banned. Or if im doing all this work for no good reason.

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/P9qqq1oPfp0

Sorry to tell you it’s for no reason. No one will do anything, unless you can contact the server admin and get him or her to ban the player. But there are no admins on Official servers. I hope this guy will get VAC banned, but there is only a slight chance reporting a hacker would work on a new Experimental Rust server (not a legacy server). No one here (and not FacePunch) would do anything about a legacy hacker as far as I know.

There are some very good legacy servers still, though, and they can keep hackers to a minimum.

Well that sucks, i was hoping that facepunch could contact steam and request a vac ban.

VAC doesn’t work off requests. It’s an automated system that detects accounts using known hacks and then flags them for a ban after some short period of time.

You can’t apply bans to someone off requests or off someone telling you they think they saw them hacking. You need absolute proof which only comes from automated systems detecting them cheating. Which is what Rust uses in the form of both VAC and EAC. He’ll get banned soon.