Hacker Report - "FUCK YOU GARRY"

He destroyed my doors with speedhack, killed me and then destroyed everything, after that He wrote in chat “fucking poles”, please give him ban.
His nick is “FUCK YOU GARRY”.
He did it 23.06.2013 about 14:20.


“name”: “FUCK YOU GARRY”,
“pvpAmount”: “49”

Someone is mad

I can also confirm. I luckily didn’t get attacked by him but I saw the message he said in the chat.

I can confirm. Speedhacking and turning invisible. Stole alot of the wood I was using to build a home.

I can also confirm this, he came to my house about 30mins ago, he was using speed hack, took into my front door at a mad speed then when I shot at him he vanished

“name”: “FUCK YOU GARRY”,
“pvpAmount”: “95”

I saw it too

Yes,he is a hacker.And Totallynotabandit too.

Yep he killed me with speed hack damn noobs and script kiddies.


I can report other hackers: winRAR and mrNico (and Uass or smoething like that)