Hacker report


I don’t know here to report a hacker so ill just do it here

I was inside my house in rust with all doors locked and some guy named "Thuesen207 " Pop in the between the door and run really fast around in my room and i managed to kill him after he have killed me at my spawn some times.

Don’t really have “proof” of this cause it happend so fast.

I can Confirm this.
His name is actually ‘Thuesen207’

He raided my house yesterday. I saw him speedhacking and he got some wooden doors of me down within 10 seconds. When he arrived at the metal doors he stopped.

Unless you have proof nothing will be done, next time take a video.

His name has been called so many times for hacking in the game.
If someone could advise me how to record my screen i would get a video of him hacking. I see him speedhacking past my house every day because he lives next to me.

Are there no player logs that the devs can look into?

That records your screen.

This :slight_smile:
Or download Bandicam (it’s a great recorder that doesn’t require a lot hardware juice) :slight_smile:

Or do as Supercodplayer1995 does, record with a toaster connected to a nokia with a camera. :v:

Me and my 2 friends were heading some wood stockpiles etc then he came by with a hatchet and speed hacked us, luckily i got him with my shotgun.

Hackers in this game? Howw?

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Are you guys sure about it?

he says his connection is shit which is why he ‘teleports’ around

Cheat engine, no doubt. This is what we should make him do -> :suicide:

Yeah Probaly

Already. Wtf I haven’t had the opportunity to play the game yet, there’s people hacking it already. FML

I’ve seen him in some of PsiSyndicate’s videos and livestreams, interestingly enough. What a weird coincidence.

hello I made ​​you the finding of cheating that I meet.

these players can build wooden boxes along the walls to make a stair, he can break the metal doors through wood walls with an axe. they shoot 3 times at 200 meters in the night and you always hit.

it happened on the French server five minutes ago. 20/10/2013 17:10 paris clock

there names are :

[kzr]Ryboc —> a team of cheater

I have no way to prove it.
but right now I am disgusted with this game and I do not even want to repeat the experience and take video or sreenshot, I’m not a policeman.

these cheaters is a serious threat that you need to fix it.

I rage, these hackers rotting this game.