Hacker situation on Facepunch New York.

How many times do you have to report someone? Plenty of us have reported them numerous times. They’ve been aimbotting/esp/speed hacking for quite a few days now and some even made new steams and bought new Rust’s!

There are about 6 chinese hackers living in one base, even sleeping whom have already been banned (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198255264148/) (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198280546027/)

One even bought a new Rust and named himself APPLE again…

C’mon now… it’s not THAT hard to see what they’re all doing all bundled in one base… have an admin follow me for an hour and i can show you what i mean.

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I can even provide video proof.


But you havent…

Honestly if they keep buying new rust keys and then getting banned again, just let them.
If they have infinite money to waste, let him give them to the rust team who can put it to better use.

They buy them in bundles really cheap though…

still more money for the developers over time. more money for the developers the more than willing to work on rest and keep putting things into it. Really it’s funny

I know its money for improvement, but it’s a tad bit annoying when there is a group of them.

Whenever you want video proof lemme know ill clip it from my plays.tv

If you want to avoid playing with hackers I suggest you move away from official servers. Beyond reporting the hackers, there’s nothing else you can do and official servers are not moderated