Hello everybody. Sorry for my english, if something wrong.

Today I found a channel on YouTube, where russian streamer showed his gameplay in Rust with cheat.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E21yP1DlAA0

Yesterday his nickname was “Вата” (on cyrillic). I’ve tried to found his Steam.account, but I can’t. Maybe coz google did not indexed his page as yet.

I hope this info will be helpful.

he doesn’t know how to reload but knows how to hack lol

Wow realy funny too play on this way … bast… son of a b… you and others wo pay too hacks…
Incredible too see ow much the uman stupidity got no end.
incredibile quanto la stupiditá umana non abbia limite ( ita)
Unglaublich wie stupid kann mann sein, ohne grenze (Ger)

hawe fun!!! anticheatteam on the way…