Hacker trying to sully my good name.

It’s really easy for hackers to steal clean player’s names and try to perform a smear campaign on them, it’s happened to me.
The player who has stolen my name and griefed a number of servers is actually;
420Bluntz.com - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023195301
420Bluntz.com is a sad little hacker clan trying to get some notoriety on YouTube.
Feel free to report this profile for Speed/Jump Hacking and Aimbotting. If you happen to report me in error, no harm done I’m clean and won’t get banned.

Note: I could not find a hacker subforum and noticed other users getting banned for posting this kind of info, apologies in advance and no hard feelings toward mods if this post results in a timeout for me :slight_smile:


I might be giving them a bit too much credit and there is the fact that some of the actually have multiple Steam accounts, but couldn’t a decent admin check and see that the SteamID numbers don’t match rather than just going by name?

Mods can yes, this is more for the community members who aren’t pro at identifying people via steam searches or players lists.

Your good name? what is this the crucible

Thanks Sopie, the ban text on other people posting similar information says “Use the hacker subforum”, since there was no Rust Hacker subforum at the top of the main forums I was lost. I have added the information here to the hacker thread, but am unable to delete this thread to avoid a temp ban.

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I’m not sure, was there proper grammar in the crucible?