Hacker used my name and i got banned from my favorite server! :(

I was on my server, and the admin come to my house, looked my itens (i has lots of itens, blueprints, and good guns) and he said that me and my friends are brazilians and we’ll got banned for this, he asked to we change our names and we changed, when i come back with my name changed, he just banned me and said to my friends that i was using hacks, to bypass walls!!! But i never use it!

In lots of posts, hackers says that they don’t do nothing and got banned, then the people search for their names on google and found them registered on hack sites, so, do this with me! you’ll found nothing, i don’t use hacks! they say that have videos, but i just never used a hack, i don’t know how it is possible?!? Someone used my name?

(i need to say, 2 of my friends use hacks to rust, i’m really mad with them, because i think they used my name to hack. I just think it would be unethical to say their names, so, please do not ask their names, it’s just to explain the situation)

I spend 1 week on this serverm i hope someone help me… i’m really mad and sad.

if i’m out of the rules with this topic, please just delete it, don’t ban me out of the forum too. too many bans for just 1 day :.(…

my only one alternative is to speak with the server admin? or someone else can help me with that situation?

Tell the Owner/Rcon-Admins that are on what happened and that it wasn’t you. Thats your best shot on getting back on the server…

-LinkGaming Owner