[Hacker] Username: "melkpie" (Video Evidence)

Hello everyone, I was in the middle of recording gameplay of Rust, and this player named “melkpie” appeared in front of me. He then began teleporting around me and then it appears another hacker joined him at the end while holding a flare. I know one of their names, but the other with the flare is unknown. May I request this Melkpie player banned immediately???

I know it is a pretty dark, but you can clearly see him teleport right at 0:03.

(User was banned for this post ("Look before you post, there's other threads for this" - postal))

No Proof here.

What do you mean “No proof”? You can see him teleport past me three seconds in.

Bet this is melkpie.

Very well may be I was thinking the same thing.