Hacker video incl

So while playing on a server an admin spawned in c4 and was using admin tools on our doors you can see this clearly in the video. While on the server and talking to the other the other people that are seen in the video of course were denying it.

If you watch the video between 10 mins and 12:08 you can see all three opening doors that were locked and coded. They claimed they guess the code, but if you to the math there are 10,000 possible combinations on a 4 digit keypad so it’s very unlikely.

I do not know who I report this to so I can get them banned. So if someone can please point me in the right direction that would be awesome

Oh ya the server is !!![US-VA]NoDurabiltyLoss/PvP/Frequent Air Drops/Instacraft

Not watching the video atm, but you are describing admin abuse, not hackers, and it’s not reportable…

Admin pays for the server, he can do whatever he wants, even if it is cheating and being a lowlife